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I have worked with Mark since 2003 when I was a GB Junior. In 2004 I made a huge improvement to my lifetime best to qualify for my first Olympic Games in Athens, which was also my senior GB debut. As you can imagine this was a huge occasion of which I had no experience and Mark made sure I was ready to handle the media, pressure and stress that came with it and most importantly perform when it mattered.
Over the course of the 12 to 13 years I have worked with Mark I have had many successes and also many setbacks along the way, Marks help has been priceless in enabling me to manage both.
He has a unique way to make the complex become so simple and enable you to gain such clarity, which is essential to world-class performance.
Mark has been a pleasure to work with throughout my whole career, someone I have been able to count on and someone that is a true friend.

Nathan Douglas

Peak Performance Expert & Mind Coach. Double Olympian.

I have known Mark for a number of years now during my work as fitness editor of various publications such as Mens Health (etc), Mark has contributed to many articles and I have always been impressed with the depth of his knowledge and ability to express himself clearly, I have known about his psychology work for many years and would happily recommend him as a practitioner’

Ray Klerk


Mark is the Team’s Psychologist who works along side all our race team athletes and coaches helping us deliver high performances by non-full time athletes. Mark’s wealth of experience and great character makes him huge hit with the athletes and the rest of the support staff. His insight into the athletes is phenomenal and he is able to steer our coaching direction in an non-obtrusive yet finely focussed manner. Without Mark’s influence to the team, we would miss some key points to do with the athletes which would otherwise easily be overlooked and we would not be able to deliver the high-quality coaching that we strive to maintain. Mark is one of the very valuable assets to our race team.

Philip Hatzis

Tri Training Harder LLP

I worked together with Mark when I was nutritionist for UK-Athletics in the lead up to and beyond the 2012 Games, where Mark was lead Psychologist at Loughborough High Performance Centre. Myself, Mark and other practitioners developed a very tight team during that time and not only supported the athletes but supported each other through a very enjoyable but stressful time.

The Games of course were a great success and all the hard work was worth it. Mark made a huge impact with myself and other members of the support team and of course the athletes we were working with. I would have no hesitation in recommending him to anyone as he has great knowledge and an ability to put things that work into action with athletes.

Matt Lovell

Director Perform and Function Ltd

I have been both a friend and colleague of Mark Bellamy for 6 years.

 I have found working with Mark, especially in the elite sports arena, extremely interesting and a huge benefit to the athletes in his charge.  He also provides excellent counsel for me and the rest of the medical team. Mark is a Team Player who swiftly gains respect from everyone he works with athletes, coaches and colleagues alike.  His work ethic is unparalleled especially when it comes to ensuring his clients have the best chance of success, they remain in the forefront of his decision making.

 As the Director of The Bosworth Clinic,  Mark plays a pivotal role, in assisting me and my fellow therapists, in our understanding of the complexities of performance based decision making. Mark is also an integral member of the IST working with the Athletes in our care from Professional Triathlon teams to weekend warriors.

Gordon Bosworth

Company Director of the Bosworth Clinic

I chose to use Mark’s services after many years procrastinating over further developing my fitness business. Mark’s initial assessment provided very accurate (but scary) feedback on my personality type and highlighted areas of strengths & weaknesses. This important process along with further coaching from Mark gave me the belief needed to take more direct required to start the new enterprise. It’s great having a completely unbiased person who understands your personality and how you work, to help you make those important decisions. Be open and be prepared to learn.
Working with Mark on the project was a great experience and I still use his services when I need that extra support.

Ady Watts


Mark and I worked together at a time that for me was one of the lowest I had ever experienced. However, it was also at a time that I had many balls in the air both personally and professionally and couldn’t afford to drop any of them, let along all of them. Mark’s friendly, insightful yet simple approach turned me back to a far more positive path.

Furthermore, with Mark’s words clearly in my head, I took the opportunity for personal growth as well and know for a fact that due to him, I am a more rounded, better-balanced and far more self aware individual than before. This clearly has several benefits for me at home and at work and already I see both flourishing. Many people shy away from admitting to using psychologists – I wish I had met Mark several years earlier!

Race Team

I have worked with Mark for over three years now and during that time we’ve looked at unlocking the mechanics of managing a busy work schedule, wanting to compete at a high level in sport plus an aging body.

Mark has helped me understand how the stresses of everyday life impact on getting the best out of physical ability and has then worked with me to develop strategies of how to manage the trials of life, get a better work-life balance and hit my sporting aspirations and targets.

I have started winning again and very much enjoying life.

Also Mark has helped me to reach far darker places in training than I have been before. We have a saying that to get to your fastest, you need a big dog to be chasing you, and the big dog that Mark has given me is foaming at the mouth and has 9 rows of teeth!

Anthony Waddington

Consultant Podiatric Surgeon and Triathlete

I have had the pleasure of knowing Dr Mark Bellamy for nearly 13 years. Mark has the ability to bring a real sense of ‘what is possible’ via a set of unique insights honed from extensive experiences built across a number of professional and Olympic sports.

His true gift, is the ability to convey sometimes complex and challenging information / concepts and bring them back to ‘real world’ applications. A real talent to understand and appreciate the overall ‘context’ whilst always focussed on solving the problem, which remains a professional trait that allows his interventions to have the maximum performance impact.

His passion, dedication, attention to detail, knowledge and understanding of both his subject area but also people are without question. To be able to call upon Marks diverse expertise, during crucial times of my own career have been truly invaluable and integral to enhance my personal and professional development.

I would have no hesitation in recommending working with Mark – a thoroughly nice bloke and an even better psychologist for any level!

Dr Paul Brice

Consultant Biomechanist to UKA and Dutch Olympic Team