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Skype Sessions

Skype or Telephone Consultation

We have found over the last few years that many clients simply find it too difficult to get to a place for a consultation and then get back to work / collect children or simply get on with whatever else the day requires. We have found that telephone or Skype consultations are a great solution to this problem, and once the consultation is over there is no travel to contend with.

If it is possible to meet Mark at one of the clinics it is useful to have an initial appointment, but if this is not possible we still find that Skype or telephone consultation can work very well.

For a Skype or telephone consultation please email or call Mark on mark@performt.com or 0794 1040013. We will then follow the following procedure:

Initial e-mail or telephone conversation

Book a session time and date

Make payment over paypal

Take call at the agreed time


All calls or consultations are made with full confidentiality, however if there is an issue that Mark is not able to deal with he will speak to his mentor in total confidentiality to help resolve the situation and move forwards.

PayPal and fees:

Sessions at the Bosworth Clinic: £90 per session

Skype sessions: £90 per session paid through PayPal

Sessions at The Gait and Posture Centre: £120 per session