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Services provided by Mark include face to face consultations at The Gait and Posture Centre, 20 Harley St, London, W1G 9PH, The Bosworth Clinic at Cassington in Oxfordshire or if these locations are not practical via telephone or Skype.

Mark has many years experience dealing with sports people of all levels and stages of development. He has considerable experience in helping athletes deal with problems that arise, planning their development, preparing for competition, and in developing a mindset that supports successful behaviour.

Mark also has a strong interest and high level of experience in working with athletes who are injured, coming back from injury or dealing with career threatening injury and often works with members of the medical team in helping provide a complete programme during rehabilitation, comeback to training and performance or managing career ending injury.

The key to successful work is an accurate assessment and initially Mark will spend time on assessment prior to planning and the initiation of interventions.

Mark uses a number of techniques, such as Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, Acceptance Commitment Therapy, Mindfulness work and Autogenic Training.

However much of the work is about putting a plan in place following a sound assessment and then working with that plan and developing an approach that will give clients their best chance of being successful.

Mark has worked with many athletes across most of their competitive careers and has worked closely with them, helping them make good decisions, take a sound approach into whatever they are doing and having a plan of attack, whether that be for a specific event or season wide.

Performance Psychology and a wider audience

The skills that underpin good psychology in sporting or military performance have a wider breadth to them and are applicable to those who are trying to be successful in many areas or who are perhaps finding the challenges in-front of them are better approached with some support.

Mark has mentored many athletes and business people through large swathes of their careers, certainly the challenges and opportunities that present themselves and developing a sound approach to this in an athletic world shows many similarities optimising the chances of success in business and other projects.

If you would like a short discussion to see if this work may be for you, please drop Mark a line on mark@performt.com . Mark will then contact you for a short conversation prior to any work commencing.