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  1. Write down what you have done, this is the work that you have put in that will help you.
  2. Have a plan for the marathon. Know how fast you want to start, what pace to keep and when to take on fluid and any food. Stick to it in the marathon and follow you r plan.
  3. Have a ‘snagging list’ of what you will do if things go wrong. Plan it and then if it isn’t going your way for whatever reason, whatever you do next is in the absence of panic.
  4. Know why you are doing the marathon and have that clear before you start, if and when it gets really tough bring that thought to mind and keep it there.
  5. Remember that how well you move will massively impact the efficiency of your movement, as you fatigue try to maintain good gait and posture otherwise fatigue will bring on a double wammy of also moving less well and less efficiently.
  6. For the point above you need to know what you do when you are running well, so get two or three cue points; it may be something like ‘high hips’, ‘soft landing’, ‘head balanced’, what-ever is pertinent to you, but from time to time along the race use this to reset your running to the best efficiency you are able to at that time.
  7. Have a pre-performance e plan: when you sign in, clothing drop-off and pick-up points, time to warm up, thinking about what you are aiming to do in the race.
  8. Break the race into bite sized chunks and concentrate on passing through each of these. So that may be starting at the right pace, focus on stride and movement quality for the first two miles, taking on water at mile 3 etc….
  9. If things are going to plan then great, but if they are not, then keep it in perspective, a marathon is a big day in any-one’s life and  a bad one can feel terrible, but remember it is only one day in your life!
  10. Enjoy the occasion and well done for being there!